Global Energy Management

The Power Consulting Professionals

If your business spends more than R20,000.00 per month on electricity, you need to talk to the professionals. We have been specialising in communications and energy management for 25 years. We can save you up to 45% on your energy and communication bills, with minimal financial outlay – find out how here.

Save Electricity

Many companies in South Africa are faced with incorrect electricity bills and end up paying far more than they should each month. With effective electricity management solutions from GEM you can optimise your energy consumption and benefit from lower monthly energy bills. It’s that simple. We save where possible.


Save Water

Who stands to gain from our water management systems? Body corporate entities and similar corporate environments can benefit from effective water management. Not only do we supply effective accounting processes, but our product will alert you of potential leaks, and unnecessary abuse.


Clearance Certificates

Our 25 years of experience and diligent work force guarantee Attorneys and individuals alike the most cost effective and timeous processes in obtaining rates, water and electrical clearance certificates. We guarantee our turnaround times, and support individuals in securing their credits and refunds outstanding.


Energy Consulting

GEM will help you manage and optimise your power consumption and various energy efficiency programmes, with the latest methodology processes available to you. We make use of advanced technology systems to assist clients to convert their businesses to environmentally sustainable and energy efficient entities.