A step-by-step guide to our industry-leading automated metering systems and services

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By now you have probably heard all about the benefits of automated metering systems for effective energy management and how it can benefit your KwaZulu Natal business, now and in the long run. Unfortunately many businesses know the benefits of installing electricity monitoring systems of their own and how it can be a step in the right direction towards greener operations, but do nothing about it. The time to save your business money and do your bit for the environment is now and we would like to tell you what systems and services you require to get you started.

At GEM we are known for our industry-leading automated metering systems. These electricity monitoring systems are designed to monitor your usage and provide analysis every 30 minutes. What’s the outcome? Data which can be used to cut back on consumption and bring your monthly utilities down by as much as 45%.

Below are the steps to follow if you wish to obtain the correct metering systems and services:

  • Make an appointment with us at GEM for a consultant to visit your premises and analyse your current systems and set up.
  • Provide our consultants will all your billing paperwork so that we can scrutinise your usage, bills, tariffs and so on.
  • We will provide you with feedback on your billing and advise you on where accounting errors might have been made, incorrect tariffs charged and so on.
  • We can further implement our own dedicated automated metering systems to ensure your usage is correctly and efficiently monitored and charged for.
  • On analysis of your usage, we can provide you with feedback on where and how improvements can be made with regards to your consumption.

Book a thorough electricity management audit with GEM in KZN today

At Global Energy Management in KZN, we provide thorough audits which can assist companies to have a better understanding of their energy and water consumption. Such an audit will uncover where the most electricity and water is being used, why it is being consumed excessively and how to go about saving on usage.

To learn more about our automated metering systems and electricity management services, contact us at GEM today.


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