GEM is an energy management consultancy company that has been operational for 25 years. During its early years, it was predominately involved in the marketing of communication products, and the first company to consult for a range of PBX companies. The company installed in excess of 1,850 PBX’s and realised that the majority of clients were paying for communication products they did not have or need. They were furthermore generally on the incorrect tariffs, paying for unnecessary wasted costs.

Power Saving Solutions from GEM

From there on forward, GEM focused on educating and saving companies huge amount of wasted costs on their utility bills, such as telephones, cell phones and data usage, by studying and understanding the utility tariffs and or packages available to the customer.

With the grave electricity problems facing South Africans and South African Companies GEM involved itself in the understanding of electricity and water tariffs together with the billing processes and saving methodology, associated with the utility environment. At this point, due to corporate pressures, the company was forced to change from a closed corporation to a (Pty) LTD, thus the name change to Global Energy Management.

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