August is host to World Water Week 2015 – Find out more from our leading energy management company

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News on World Water Week from our energy management company in Cape Town: At Global Energy Management we like to keep abreast of all happenings in our industry and that means keeping on top of news relating to World Water Week, which will be held in Stockholm from the 23rd to the 28th of August. This is an annual event which focuses on global water issues. Last year, 143 countries participated in this event and it is hoped many more will participate this year.

The “best water ideas” bid was launched by the organisers, SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute) earlier this year, calling all companies and industry professionals to submit their ideas on how water can be used positively for development and how we can conserve and do our bit for the environment. Registrations for innovators, experts, practitioners and young industry professionals were eagerly received by those providing water services to the market place. If you would like to learn more about Water Week and how to be involved, feel free to contact us.

Water Week is not all that we are concerned with at Global Energy Management – conserve water and save on consumption with our solutions in Cape Town

While Water Week demands global attention, at Global Energy Management our main focus is on local business. We offer companies which spend over R20 000 per month on their utilities, viable water management solutions that will help to conserve water and, while cutting back on consumption, save on operating costs too.

We offer water metering and auditing services where we can scrutinise your business’ water consumption and advise you where you are using the most water and how to go about cutting back. We also take a close look at your bills to see if you are being charged correctly. Monitoring can also play a vital role in saving on the cost and consumption of water and so we present the market with our own reliable water meters. Want to learn more? Then waste no more time, contact us at Global Energy Management for more information today.


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