Energy costs are on the increase. What can your industry do to promote effective electricity management?

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With the next electricity price hike around the corner, industry needs to look for ways to significantly reduce their consumption. There is a great variety of different functions encompassed in the broad term of industry, but one thing all industry has in common is the opportunity to save money and rethink how they use energy.

While most businesses and organisations consume the majority of their electricity through heating, ventilation and air conditioning, industrial businesses use most of their electricity to run their processes and equipment. Most industrial businesses can reduce their electricity costs simply by shifting the timing of their operations away from on-peak demand hours to off-peak times. There are other ways too, such as installing electricity usage meters, so that readings are accurate. Checking the tariffs you are being charged can reveal errors in billing, as well as ensuring machines and equipment are maintained regularly, so they operate the way they were designed to and not overheating, burning more energy than necessary.

Eskom puts its annual industry consumption at 148,559.94 gigawatt hours (GWh), or 60% of South Africa’s total demand. With no one enjoying load shedding and the effects affecting the economy, industry needs to take control of their consumption, to alleviate the pressure on the country’s power provider.

Global Energy Management (GEM) are experts at assisting industry to analyse their electrical consumption. Companies that implement the management products and systems offered by GEM will see a saving of up to 45%, with the added benefit of improving their carbon footprint. Contact them to find out about their energy management systems today.


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