• Who does GEM energy management solutions benefit?

    Our systems are designed to provide energy management solutions to business owners, body corporate, managing agents, manufacturing companies, fast food franchises, insurance companies, business parks, shopping centres, restaurants, filling stations and any other enterprise spending R20 000 per month or more on their water and electricity bills.

  • What does the online monitoring system offer and entail?

    This system entails meters being installed on both water and electricity reticulation areas in the building. Information is then gathered every half hour and sent to our online system for your reference and convenience. From thereon we can view and understand your consumption usage and advise the client accordingly.

  • What is the quality of the smart metering systems used by GEM?

    We only make use of SABS approved Class 0.5 programmable meters.

  • How does GEM access information from utilities and municipalities?

    Our smart metering devices communicate with municipal utility meters automatically. The collected data is converted into information with reports and graphical interfaces that help clients to understand their energy usage and how they can improve on this. Billing is provided in detail on a monthly basis.

  • What are the benefits of GEM for retail outlets and shopping centres?

    Our energy management system provides the ideal platform for utility managers of retail outlets to manage the utility costs of the entire national chain of stores, outlets, restaurants and so on. Powerful aggregation and reporting facilities ensure managers can assess each outlets performance against pre-determined benchmarks.

  • How does sub-metering work?

    In commercial buildings where there are separate tenants running off one main meter, the need to distinguish between each office/shop/property usage exists. Our sub-metering system provides detailed billing information for each tenant in electronic format, which integrates seamlessly with the existing billing system used. This system provides powerful performance reporting facilities.

  • Will GEM provide reports each month?

    For our metering applications we provide several standard reports each month. These include:

    • Energy balance reports, which show total energy consumed against total energy measured within the complex/building.
    • Financial reports which show overall income/expenditure for each utility.
    • Performance reports which show key consumption areas such as common area allocation, air handling units and so on.
  • What can GEM do for our Social Responsibility Index and carbon footprint?

    Our online system makes it possible for companies to measure consumption and quantify on any savings initiatives in place. The system allows real time calculations for the amount of water and coal used to generate the power consumed by each site. The gathered information can be pushed to your website for live SRI and carbon footprint displays. Such transparency is a great way to earn the respect and trust of your clients.

If you have any questions about our energy management solutions and how we can assist you to save up to 45% of your consumption costs, contact GEM today.