How electricity management products and energy management consulting can boost the food industry

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The food industry, encompassing supermarkets, fast food outlets, restaurants, hotels, corporate canteens and even kitchens in hospitals, use about two and half times more energy than other businesses. It’s easy then to understand why reducing the energy consumption in this sector of industry is extremely important.

By using electricity (the highest energy cost) management products, such as Smart meters, LED lighting and star-rated equipment, the food industry could be find itself with a reduction of costs and more money which could be spent on product development and marketing. Employing the services of an energy management company to review and implement cost cutting solutions, can be viewed favourably by customers, which in turn could boost sales.

A few ways to reduce energy consumption in the food industry

1.     Design reconfigure kitchen space cleverly:

  • Try to group heat generating equipment together under one extraction unit.
  • Keep refrigeration units away from heat sources.

2.     Educate employees about using energy efficiently:

  • Turn equipment off/low between shifts.
  • Turn off signage outside of trading hours.
  • Don’t heat or cool rooms not in use.
  • Separate light switches so rooms not in use are not lit up.

3.     Ensure equipment is maintained:

  • A broken seal on a fridge can lead to the condenser working a lot more than it should.
  • Seals on ovens can lead to heat loss, meaning ovens need to be operated at higher temperatures.

4.     Use water more efficiently:

  • Install instant hot water, rather than using geysers which maintain water heat.
  • Use water-efficient spray valves in washing up areas.
  • Fix leaks.

5.     Use more energy efficient tools:

  • When replacing older equipment, buy star-rated equipment which uses less water and electricity to run, such as new technology ice makers.
  • Install LED light fittings and think about occupancy sensors for rooms not continuously used, such as store areas or change rooms.

A company such as Global Energy Management will help your business identify unnecessary wastage, use more efficient practices and save you money on your utility bills. They can help identify incorrect billing through their automated metering systems, bring focus to consumption through their electricity usage meters and so much more. Give them a call today to find out how your food service business can take control over energy costs.


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