How our energy management systems help national chains and retail centres save

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As electricity goes up again, everyone is looking for ways to save on costs, with the added benefit of reducing waste and being ‘greener.’ Retail and chain stores have varying electricity costs, depending on the type of business, but everyone knows that saving energy is one of the simplest ways of saving money and increasing profits. A 20% energy saving will give the same return as a 5% increase in sales and, using an energy management system can be a lot easier than trying to generate more sales, in these tough times.

The biggest electricity costs in the retail business are lighting and refrigeration, with on average, 25% being allocated to lighting and as much as 50% on refrigeration. Reviewing your organisation’s equipment, as well as meters and type of usage, can prove to be a very beneficial exercise for any company looking to reduce costs. Using LED lighting, occupancy sensors and timers to ensure lights are not left on unnecessarily, can save a business a significant amount of money. Education of employees to switch off of lights when not needed plays a big part – a lot of retailers are now switching off display cabinets and window displays outside of operating hours and noticing a difference. Simple initiatives, such as installing curtains on walk-in fridge doors, or educating employees on the importance of not overfilling refrigeration units, maintaining equipment and using thermal blankets on fridges and freezers outside of trading hours, are all ways to reduce energy consumption.

Global Energy Management (GEM) has systems and devices that can help make a tangible difference to electricity and water usage for retailers and chain stores alike. Effective online management systems can give you access to reporting on your business’ usage every 30 minutes, alerting you to your peak usage times. This will enable energy saving methods or devices to be put in place. GEM will also help you understand how you are being billed for your electricity and water consumption, making sure you are not be charged incorrectly – a common cause of exorbitant utility bills.

National chains can implement energy saving systems throughout their network of stores and create pre-determined benchmarks of consumption, which will create a comparison, showing which stores need more education on usage. Why don’t you give Global Energy Management a call today, and see how they can start helping you make a big saving.


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