At GEM our core function is to assist our clients to save on their electricity and water billing costs, by presenting power management solutions. We have helped countless companies, save on their utility bills.

As part of our services we present a range of products to the market, with the main purpose to save companies wasted costs on their utility bills.

Below is a list of our various power management solutions:

  • Online monitoring system – SABS approved class 0.5 programmable meters are installed on water and electricity reticulation areas within the building. Consumption information is gathered half hourly and stored in secure servers for reference.
  • Utilities and municipalities system – our smart metering systems are used to gather and convert data to information that can be presented in graphical reports and interfaces. Industrial and commercial customers are provided the opportunity to understand their energy consumption and improve on their business performance.
  • Retail outlets and shopping centres – we provide systems that can manage and monitor the utility costs of an entire chain of national outlets. Powerful aggregation and reporting facilities are provided by this system.
  • Sub-metering – we provide a system for multi-tenanted commercial buildings where separated billing information can be provided for each tenant. Billing information is provided electronically and integrates seamlessly with the existing system. Performance reporting facilities are also provided.
  • Reporting – we offer various forms of monthly reporting on energy and water consumption.
  • Social responsibility and carbon footprint calculations – our online system makes it possible to calculate a company’s social responsibility index and quantify carbon footprint. These results can be displayed live on your website.
  • Provision of additional reports from our energy management consultants include the following:
    • Consolidated, Consumption and Cumulative cost report
    • Detailed exception report.
    • Hot zone reports (shows highest consumption times during the day)
  • Account audit services – auditing of all monitored sites, municipal or landlord accounts which are compared with online data. Billing discrepancies can be quickly and effectively discovered.

All of our metering products provide information that can be accessed online with reliable metering and monitoring systems for both electricity and water consumption.

Other services provided by GEM:

  • Emergency power generator assessments and specification
  • Infra-red thermo graphic distribution board analysis
  • Power factor correction
  • Electrical consulting
  • Electrical and rates clearance certificates

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