Electricity Consultancy

At GEM, our energy management consulting services will help you manage and optimise your power consumption and various energy efficiency programmes. We make use of best practice and advanced technology and systems to assist clients who are looking to convert their businesses to a safer, environmentally sustainable and energy efficient entities.

Who stands to Benefit from GEM’S services?

  • Business owners
  • Body corporate
  • Managing agents
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Fast food franchises
  • Businesses
  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Business parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Homes with very large electrical bills

Companies looking to save on their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint can benefit from our energy consulting services where we visit the premises and implement systems to monitor usage. Our systems are designed to track usage, provide information and alert the business owner where the most usage occurs within the business which can ultimately result in effective energy saving.

We can advise and consult with clients regarding tariffs and rates and provide a thorough audit service where the utility bill is scrutinised. We can also assist with council queries.

Find out more about these services below:

Account Audits

Our audit function helps to compare all municipal and landlord monitored accounts with the data collected by our online system. Some typical reasons discovered for account discrepancies include:

  • Incorrect charging of high season rates during low season periods
  • Estimations of consumption were miscalculations are up by 70%
  • Incorrect meter readings, leading to consumption under and overstatement
  • Many accounts appear to be over 60 days in arrears before payments are reflected which places the amounts in the wrong accounting period
  • Simply being on the incorrect tariff
  • Faulty meters
  • Neighbours connected to your feed
  • Incorrect supply installed, resulting in incorrect tariff being used
  • Overcharging by Landlords
  • Historical values incorrectly processed and many more

Our energy management consulting system captures billing information and provides a variance report that indicates the various discrepancies. All discrepancies discovered by GEM will be efficiently and promptly resolved resulting in immediate energy savings.

Council Queries

Companies experiencing a discrepancy with their council bill might struggle to prove the problem or resolve the matter. With our energy management solutions we can assist with scrutinising your council bill and resolving the relevant queries for you. Problem query resolution is made possible with our smart metering systems, and tariff knowledge

Cost and Tariffs Analysis

Many clients find they are being billed on the incorrect tariffs. With GEM your billing information can be gathered by monitoring your usage every 30 minutes. Accurate billing is the outcome and the information can then be used for cost analysis for the landlord and municipality account verification. We actively update the tariff tables for most South African municipalities and Eskom which allows for effective tariff comparisons. As a result billing dates can be filtered to match the reading dates on each account. Monthly bills can be automatically generated from the online system.

To find out more about our energy management consulting services and if you can enjoy an energy saving, contact GEM