Save Electricity

If your Business is paying more than R20,000.00 per month for your
electricity, be sure to call GEM who can save you up to 45%

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Many companies in South Africa are faced with incorrect electricity bills and end up paying more than they should each month. With effective electricity management solutions from GEM you can optimise your energy consumption and benefit from lower monthly energy bills.

At GEM we offer our clients the opportunity to save up to 45% on their energy bills, and that’s not all. Those who take the time to implement our various electricity management products and systems can see their social responsibility index and carbon foot print improve dramatically.

With smart metering and effective online electricity management processes, you can cut back on the cost of your energy consumption and access reporting on your usage every half hour. The system is designed to alert consumers of where their peak usage is so that energy saving methods can be implemented.

Common causes of over expenditure include:

  • Incorrect tariffs being charged, or being on the wrong tariff
  • Metering being incorrectly handled.
  • Faulty meters
  • Incorrect feed
  • Estimation problems.
  • Accounting problems.
  • Companies being unaware of when and how they are using the most of their energy.
  • Manual cross casting

In short, our Systems Enable Efficient Managing, Monitoring and Billing of Utility Accounts which can Enable Energy Saving.

At GEM we will ensure the correct meters and devices are installed and will implement the metering and monitoring systems required to keep you on top of energy usage and expected billing thereof.

Find out more about our power saving and electricity management solutions and if you can enjoy an energy saving on your energy bill, contact GEM