Save Water

It goes without saying that many companies are aware of their social responsibility index and carbon footprint and as a result the age of saving water and electricity is upon us. Of course it’s not all about saving the planet – it’s about saving money too.

If you are spending more than R50 000 per month on your water consumption then you are a prime candidate to start saving on those costs. Our water management and energy management systems at GEM are designed to cut back on costs and help customers understand more about their usage.

Who stands to gain from our water management systems? Body corporate entities and similar corporate environments can benefit from effective water management. Not only do we supply effective accounting processes, but our product will alert you of potential leaks, and unnecessary abuse.

With water metering and monitoring, online reports can be generated. Flow rates and usage can be viewed on the system as follows:



When our systems are implemented, smart metering devices are fitted to the various outlets within the building. Monitoring and readings occur every half hour and results are made available on the online system. All meters are class 0.5 SABS approved. The devices installed convert data gathered into information with reports and graphs that ensure customers can better understand their water usage and how and where to save. Billing information and information on usage is generated on a monthly basis.

To find out more about our water management solutions and if you can enjoy an energy and water saving, contact GEM