What is the real cost of out-of-date water and electricity usage meters for commercial giants in KZN?

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Commercial businesses in KZN might feel they can rely on their electricity usage meter, but can they really? Companies operating from old buildings and making use of old electricity monitoring systems could be at risk of paying utility bills which don’t truly reflect their consumption. Out-of-date water and electricity meters monitor consumption quite differently to modern versions. Newer smart meters offer real time monitoring of consumption which can be accessed online for easy reference. These meters provide monitoring feedback every 30 minutes, which means you can pinpoint where and how you are using the most electricity and water.

Many companies without modern smart meters are presented with incorrect usage bills and end up paying more than they should each month. The only way to rectify incorrect monitoring is to install new meters, scrutinise your utility bills over a lengthy term (going backwards) and have a professional in the industry rectify any billing errors with the electricity and water suppliers in question.

Accurate electricity and water meters available from Global Energy Management in KwaZulu Natal

At Global Energy Management in KwaZulu Natal, we have assisted countless companies to rectify their monthly utility bills. If you are paying over R20 000 per month on utilities, the time to look into your billing and usage is now.

With our smart electricity usage meter and water meters, you can expect to save up to 45% on your monthly utilities. We will also advise you how to go about cutting back on consumption and costs to effectively do your bit for the environment whilst saving each month. Effective electricity management solutions are made possible by our professional and experienced team.

To learn more about our electricity usage meter and our online electricity monitoring system get in touch with us at Global Energy Management. Contact us via email or telephone and learn how we can help your KZN business save today.


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