Why a performance plan is key to effective electricity management

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Taking the decision to purchase the products and services of an energy management company to reduce your electricity and water consumption and costs, is a bold and positive move. It should very quickly show the savings and benefits that can be made within your company. Unfortunately, without a performance plan to measure and monitor the products or software, it can be a big expense that is never properly utilised. Savings may not turn out to be as consistent or sustained as anticipated.

Like any quality management programmes, information systems can be designed to support energy management. Electricity monitoring systems can collect relevant data and give businesses the information they need to keep their projects on track. Some systems, however, capture masses of data, which can lead to using the information captured by your system, time consuming to filter and use. An ideal energy management system should be built to monitor specific areas or times to support the key goals of an energy management plan. Setting key performance indicators (KPI), make managing the process more effective.

An organisation will need to set specific goals, in order to determine KPIs for their performance plan. An example could be to reduce energy consumption per unit of production by 20 percent by 2018, relative to 2014. Once the details have been determined, a baseline can be established, such as: the energy consumption for 2014 determined from utility bills, the production volume of units for 2014 and the energy consumption per unit produced for the period. Once the baseline is established, it is simple to then calculate the targets to meet the 20% reduction in consumption. This process will provide a foundation for what information to collect, how often to collect it and how to use it.

Energy management companies, such as Global Energy Management (GEM), specialise in building the right solution for your business. With their ongoing support, energy usage can be tracked and that information can be used for reporting back to executive level. Electricity usage meters, automated metering systems and online tools providing regular feedback, are just a few of the solutions they can bring to your business. Contact GEM to set up an appointment to review your organisations’ energy plan for the years ahead.


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