Why analysing your company’s ROI from electricity management products is essential

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In today’s business environment, it’s vital to have electricity management products installed at your Gauteng property and to collect the data religiously each month. Knowing what to do with the data is quite another thing completely. Data collection is all too often used to keep track of billing and it can often help to save your business from being over-charged or being on the wrong tariff. This is great, but what you really want to get out of your collected data is what your ROI is and where your business can stand to cut back on costs and be more environmentally friendly at the same time. After all, how your consumers view your company’s carbon footprint reduction initiatives is quite important too.

One of the things you should be looking out for with your data is, where and when your business is using the most electricity. An electricity monitoring system can provide you with your usage analysis over every 30 minutes which doesn’t leave much room for error. If you see a spike in consumption at certain times of the day, in certain departments or during certain processes, it makes it possible to analyse the situation and see where and how improvements can be made.

Improve your company’s ROI with electricity management products from GEM

At Global Energy Management in Gauteng we supply electricity monitoring systems to companies and building owners. These systems are designed to indicate where and how a building or business is using its energy, but our services don’t stop there. We can further consult with you to ensure various mechanisms and procedures are set in place to reduce energy consumption, thus saving the environment and your bank balance too. We can help your business save up to 45% in utilities costs which could arise from billing issues, as well as incorrect monitoring or poor practice within your business operations.

To learn more about our electricity management products and how they can benefit your Gauteng business, contact us at GEM today.


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